Automated Cloud Payroll For

Successful Business

Why choose us?

Byte Payroll is equipped with features which will help you save time and cost.


Entire Payroll will be personalised for your business.

Value for Money

Automation eliminates the need for manual calculations and the amount of time spent.


Access our system from anywhere - no installation needed!


Solution is built using the best industry standards.

Time & Attendance

Process raw time & attendance data and can eliminate the need for physical T&A Machine.

Dedicated Server

With Dedicated Server Resources it will provide more reliability and stability.

Not Only Payroll

Get More Out Of Byte Payroll

We have developed a cloud-based time and attendance system directly integrated with payroll and linking basic HR requirements as well.

Regulatory Requirements

Full Compliance With Regulatory Requirements

Byte Payroll will generate all the necessary files for direct uploading and submission

Set-up, Training & Support

Other Benefits

We understand it can be overwhelming when transiting into new system especially one which handles payroll.

That is why we take care of

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